OUR PROCESS - "Listen First!"

The ETS Consulting Methodology is the product of years of experience working with clients to assist them in realizing the full potential of their technology investments. Our methodology focuses on maximizing the value of technology solutions in your organization. This simple philosophy pushes us to always focus on results for our clients.


  • Our primary focus is to listen to the client’s needs, wants, and desires to truly understand what the client is looking for in a solution.
  • Capture requirements and understand the context of the need.
  • Understand the client’s overall vision


  • Review and document in more detail, the processes and existing technology that will be impacted in the future design.
  • Understand existing assets and contractual obligations.
  • Understand any and all gaps between what is currently in use versus the desired functionality of the design.
  • This enables us to clearly understand where the organization is currently, so that we can fully understand steps


  • Set a holistic design for the solution in the context of business needs and existing investments.
  • Prioritize based on a three step category (Critical, Important and Optional).
  • Identify a high level implementation order of dependent strategic initiatives.

 4. PLAN

  • Work plan for smaller or more technically detailed steps.
  • Full and complete project plan for larger projects.
  • Resource Planning, Mapping, and Scheduling.


  • Utilize industry standards to implement solutions according to Best Practices.
  • Utilize Change Control and Contingency Planning to ensure a smooth execution.
  • Effectively communicate change to impacted users.


  • Create Methods of Procedure for maintaining the solution.
  • Document the environment as built.
  • Add relevant information to configuration tracking system.
  • Document Lifecycle Planning guidelines for future support.
  • Transition ongoing support responsibilities to Internal IT staff or 3rd party provider.


  • Internal IT Support staff takes over day to day responsibility of the environment.
  • Engage ETS Ongoing or Managed Services to fulfill Support Needs.


Our approach focuses on ensuring that projects are properly designed before implementation begins, so that the end project minimizes your risk and delivers maximum business impact.