E-rate 2.0 - Top 10 E-rate Modernization Changes

September 17, 2014

The FCC launched a new E-rate 2.0 program July 2014 to provide funds to accelerate the transformation of education in the United States. These funds are available for eligible public school districts and independent private / charter schools who meet the defined criteria. The FCC has funded $1B/year for 2015 and 2016 with the intent and plan to continue this level of funding for the next 5+ years.


E-rate Modernization is critical to the success of our K-12 schools. The extensive E-rate changes are postive for schools and providers. Along with increased funding,  E-rate 2.0 will make technology in the classroom more accessible to children.


TOP 10 - E-rate Modernizations Changes:


# 1 - Primary Focus is now providing affordable High Speed Broadband in Schools and Libraries.


# 2 - Heavy Emphasis on Wireless / Wi-Fi services for schools to support one-to-one initiatives.


# 3 - Streamlining the Application and Awarding Process to better align with school budgets.


# 4 - Increased Contributions for Category Two Services ($1 Billion Target).


# 5 - Introduction of Managed Wi-Fi for Wireless Infrastructure to better align with one-to-one initiatives and the needs of our schools.


# 6 - Phasing down and eventual elimination of legacy services to better focus on internet and wireless technologies.


# 7 - Streamlining the application process for multi-year contracts to better align with technology lifecycle requirements.


# 8 - Elimination of the Technology Plan Requirements.


# 9 - Easing of Contract Requirements to improve flexibility.


# 10 - Adoption of District-wide Rate Calculations will simplify the application process and provide more balance in funding to districts in need.


For a full summary of changes check out the FCC"s Modernizing E-Rate page.


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