Office Move Checklist

November 4, 2014

Lombard, IL - Change is inevitable. Today is election day and with election day several politicans will need to start planning their own office moves. We thought it would be a good reminder for everyone to think about your own upcoming office moves or expansion plans. 


Office moves can be be a stressful period for everyone in the organization. Make sure yours goes smoothly by considering all the technology needs that your new or expanded office space will require. Check our page on Office Moves that includes a handy checklist.


ETS is your one-stop-shop for Managed Services and IT Consulting services for your business. Whether you are downtown Chicago, Oak Brook, Lombard, Rosemont, Schaumburg or any of the other great business centers in Chicago we are there to assist you with your IT related Office Move needs.


Oh and don't forget to vote!

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