Security Risk Assessment (When is it time?)

May 10, 2017
Security Risk Assessment (When is it time?)
Security Risk Assessment (When is it time?)

What is risk? We risk our lives every day just by crossing the street. We determine the risk of crossing, decreasing the probability of getting hurt by making sure we check both directions before we cross.

What is the risk that applies to your computing environment? Can you afford to be compromised? Are you as protected as you think you are?


  • Have you determined the severity of a a breach or data loss and the probability of the occurrence?
  • Do you have monitoring in place to notify you of possible intrusion or data loss, even if it did not affect the environment?
  • Do you know all the single points of failure in your environment and how they would affect the environment if they were to fail?
  • Do you know how long it would take to recover from a attack?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

These are all questions that should be answered by a Security Risk Assessment. A Risk Assessment defines every device, system, or software in your environment that is required by the business to function safely, the relative impact of a breach, the ability to effectively detect an intrusion, and the probability that the it will occur.


A Risk Assessment is a living document that requires updating at least once a year. The instant you make changes to your infrastructure, the Risk Assessment is outdated.


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