Stupid Human Behavior

September 20, 2017

All of the technology world knows that the weakest link in our environments is the user. Someone clicks on the wrong link and we are jumping to clean up the mess.

How do we manage users without taking away all their access to everything? How do we keep their access in place so they can stay productive and stop them from breaking the network?


With the newest technology on the market we don’t have to restrict our users any more, even though sometimes we like locking them down.

With the latest tools on the market being aware of most malicious behavior we can allow the users some access again.


Sophos has a complete solution that links the Antivirus suite of tools with the firewall to allow proper management and control, and STOP malicious behavior before it takes control of your environment. It also gives you the ability to track the activity back to the root cause.


Wouldn’t you love to walk up to a user’s desk and state:


We tracked the current malicious activity to your computer. It fortunately did not affect the network because of the tools we have in place, but we have signed you up for Security Awareness training (Again).


We don’t have to be afraid of what’s lurking in the shadows to attack our computers and servers. We just must be aware of the tools and solution that are available to us to protect our environments from “Stupid Human Behavior”.

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