Traditional Firewall vs Next Gen Firewall

April 3, 2017
Traditional Firewall vs Next Generation Firewall
Traditional Firewall vs Next Generation Firewall


Traditional firewalls can monitor and manage traffic utilizing stateful or stateless inspection. It utilizes ports and protocols between layer 2 and layer 4 of the OSI model. They can do Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Address Translation (PAT) and manage Virtual Private Networks (VPN). It can only monitor and manage traffic based on this information.



Next Generation firewalls can monitor and manage traffic to the application layer (layer seven) of the seven layer OSI model. They are application aware, can complete standard packet inspection and deep packet inspection, have Integrated Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and some form of Antivirus and Content Filtering.


Next Generation firewalls have become a necessity because of the complexity of the security attacks that are being performed on networks these days. Network traffic monitoring and packet inspection are critical to help stop viruses, malware, ransomware, and security breaches from getting through your firewall.


Administrators have more granular control and deeper inspection capability with the Next Generation Firewalls to better monitor, inspect, and control the traffic coming to and through the firewall.


Next Generation Firewall Recommendation:


The ETS-recommended firewall solution is brought to you by Sophos. The new XG Firewall offers "Unrivaled Security, Simplicity,  and Insight" especially when used in conjunction with other Sophos solutions; features you just can't get anywhere else.

  • Full protection suite of network, wireless, IPS, VPN, web, app, email, and web application firewall technology
  • Automatically identify and isolate infected systems on your network until they can be cleaned up
  • Unprecedented visibility, including user and application risk, with traffic-light style indicators and rich reporting
  • Unified policy management that makes powerful policies and rule sets easy and intuitive
  • Industry-leading performance at every price point with XG Series hardware appliances utilizing FastPath

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