What is Email Spoofing?

April 7, 2017

The term “spoof” means to imitate or trick someone into thinking they are something they are not. This is also true with Email Spoofing. It is an email that looks real, but is a fake or imitation of the real thing.


In most cases, these are caught by the spam filter if there is one in place; but some get through and in some cases, they look real.

Always assume an email is fraudulent until proven otherwise.


Example: If a bank is asking you to “click here” to login in because they state someone has your password. Don’t click the link! Go to your bank website and change your password.


Delete the email!


In some cases, an email may look like it came from your boss or your boss' boss stating they need you to do a wire transfer. It may look real, and some have fallen for it and actually sent money.


Email spoofing or phishing is becoming more prevalent because it is profitable.


Ways to protect yourself are:

  • Utilize a good Antivirus on your computer. ETS recommends Sophos Security Products.
  • Utilize a Nextgen firewall with the associated services activated
  • Always be suspicious of an email asking for a password or links they want you to click on.

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