The Issue:

Frustrated by ever increasing demands on device management? Today’s organizations are being bombarded with a drastically changing device market where users are increasingly mobile, demand use of tablets, smartphones and even mix in their own devices; commonly referred to as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Speaking of BYOD, did you know that Gartner predicts that by 2017, half of Employers will Require Employees to Supply Their Own Device for Work Purposes!


Think for a moment how many ways you access company information? Do you have a traditional desktop computer, laptop, virtual desktop, virtual hosted desktop, tablet or smartphone? Maybe one of each! Now think of the different operating systems you are utilizing? Windows, IOS, Android, Apple. Now ask yourself: where is your data? Is it stored on each of these devices, on your own infrastructure, or stored in cloud based services? Are your management tools keeping up? The answer is most likely no. In fact, in today’s business environment the accessibility of your data is great, however your ability to control and secure your data is increasingly challenging.


A typical desktop computer, which IT departments have focused on for years, is relatively easy to control and administer. It is typically plugged directly into your corporate network and managed by a tried and true authentication system like Microsoft Active Directory. The data is usually stored on the servers and neatly backed up each night. The problem associated with the traditional workstation is how to extend this ideal management tool set to other devices and operating systems without diminishing accessibility.


A laptop may rarely interact with a traditional wired network making some traditional management techniques obsolete. Your organization now must also think about remote management tools, physical security issues, and remote backup solutions. Despite controls, users still tend to store information on their mobile laptops.


If you are using a tablet or smart phone, odds are that you are using an Android, IOS (Apple) or Windows Mobile based device. Each presents its own unique challenges for managing and separating personal and work information and often times these devices are not owned by the business. There are many Mobile Device Management solutions, also known as MDM solutions, that can provide a greater level of security. Providing encryption, management and containment of mobile devices is no longer an option. 


The Solution:

ETS provides a consultative approach to evaluating your needs and designing an appropriate solution. Based on current tools, needs, compliance requirements, and your mobile strategy, there are a variety of tools that can be utilized to provide a robust, easy-to-manage device management solution.


Upon selection of the most appropriate solution, ETS can assist in implementing the solution in an efficient and cost effective manner.


ETS is a proud reseller of AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management solutions. Our Consulting Methodology starts with listening, so contact a Senior Consultant now to discuss your situation and how we can help.


Why Choose ETS?

ETS is a Chicagoland based company that focuses on the business needs of our clients. ETS will help your business evaluate needs and recommend and implement the best possible solution that fits your needs and budget.



  ETS focuses on the best solution for you and your organization. Therefore we are familiar with a variety of  technologies from some of today’s biggest and most innovative technology firms. Take a look here.