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Data and the availability of your information systems is critical to your business. Without it you may quickly find yourself out of business! Backup and Disaster Recovery capabilities are something that, for most businesses, just have to work because you never know when you will need them.


Backup and Recovery Technologies:


Backup and recovery technologies, also known as “Data Protection” solutions, have been around since the advent of critical computing. They have slowly evolved from tape to disk based solutions to solutions that now leverage cloud services. Fundamentally, backups exist to provide timely point-in-time ability to recover corrupt, deleted, and lost information. Backups have also served for many as a last resort, fall-back in case of a disaster.


Disaster Recovery:


Every organization is different, but now, most modern businesses rely so heavily on their computing systems that some level of Disaster Recovery planning is required. Historically, disaster recovery solutions have been incredibly expensive to implement and maintain. However, recent advancements have dramatically altered this landscape and allowed organizations of all sizes to move into cost effective solutions.


Convergence of Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions:


One of the many recent innovations in the backup and disaster recovery realm has been the convergence of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Backups must be done to accomplish a few of the primary goals of disaster recovery. Backups capture point-in-time information and typically store that information locally and/or replicate that information to an offsite, typically cloud-based solution. So by leveraging and building on what must happen from a backup perspective, with a little bit of extra work, we can add the ability to run backups from your offsite location!


Backup and Disaster Recovery Managed Services:


The ETS Managed IT Solution for backup, disaster recovery, and ultimately business continuity, provides our clients with a turnkey enterprise class solution to protect critical data. Servers, both physical and virtual, can be backed up regularly throughout the day and automatically be replicated to an offsite data center. In the event of a failure, you can run select servers locally or fire up the entire environment in the cloud. ETS leverages industry-recognized Datto Intelligent Business Continuity solutions.





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