IT Security Managed Services



Data and network security is increasingly a concern for many organizations. The news is full of instances where companies are being targeted by cyber criminals to steal proprietary and sensitive information.


Security Management is no longer just about having a proper firewall, content filter, or email filter. A multi-faceted approach is necessary to address and mitigate the risk to a serious security incursion.


Security Assessment:


A focused IT Security Assessment is a great starting point and critical to evaluating and categorizing potential security vulnerabilities. Proper Security Assessments will review risk and exposure points across your environment at a high level so you know where you are exposed. Once completed, you can drill down to address prioritized and specific areas of concern. Maintaining a secure environment never stops, so understanding and implementing appropriate controls across the environment is critical.


Patching and Monitoring:


Monitoring suspicious activity and application of security patches across the environment on a regular basis is critical to maintaining a secure environment. If you are not actively monitoring your environment and network traffic, you are at risk! If you are not addressing all of your applications, you are at risk!


Security Awareness Training:


A key component to a comprehensive, structured, and ongoing approach to security is “Security Awareness Training.” Unfortunately all the controls in the IT world can be bypassed in a moment if a single user unknowingly clicks on the wrong link or opens a malicious email attachment. ETS offers a comprehensive Security Awareness program tailored to the various roles of the business. Through this service offering, your staff can learn about the latest threats, best practices, and increase their overall diligence when it comes to protecting your data and network.


Penetration Testing:


ETS customizes a penetration testing schedule to fit your needs. This allows for proactive monitoring of your critical infrastructure. It’s an important component of your overall security posture.  


IT Security Managed Service:


ETS provides complete Managed IT Security Service. As business evolves, more companies are seeking assurance from their partners, suppliers, and vendors to assure that their systems are well maintained and secure. Having an appropriate security program in place to mitigate potential security threats is very important to conducting business.


ETS’s Managed Security Service provides:

  1. Annually - A comprehensive IT Security Assessment will be conducted to provide an analysis of evolving business practices and potential threats.
  2. Customizable – Patching and Monitoring to fit your needs.
  3. As-needed – Penetration testing of assets to proactively discover and address security deficiencies.
  4. As-needed – Security Awareness Training

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