Virtual SQL DBA Managed Services



Microsoft SQL Databases are central repositories that usually hold some of your most critical information. The skillset needed to properly setup and maintain these databases is highly specialized. For smaller organizations, having an on-staff Database Administrator (or DBA as they are commonly known), is cost prohibitive. Also, done correctly, an experienced administrator can maintain quite a few servers. Therefore, if you have a small number of servers, you need that high level of expertise only on an occasional basis.


ETS has the answer with our Virtual SQL DBA Managed Service offering. 


SQL Assessment:


A focused IT Assessment allows us to collaboratively evaluate the configuration, performance, and maintenance needs of your Microsoft SQL servers. This is a critical first step to ensure that the environment is stable, and follows both Microsoft and vendor application specific best practices. 


This process follows our consulting methdology. During this engagement, we meet with our clients to discuss the situation, understand issues, and capture future requirements. We then analyze the existing configuration, document the configuration as needed, and identify functional gaps, risks, etc... for purposes of designing and ultimately implementing configuration changes. 


As part of this evaluation ETS will review and recommend changes as needed in the following areas:

  1. System Platform
  2. Windows Configuration
  3. SQL setup, service packs, etc...
  4. Administrative permissions
  5. Maintenance Plans
  6. Backup and Recovery Architecture  

Virtual SQL DBA Managed Service:


ETS provides a full service Virtual SQL Managed Service to ensure your critical database services receive the right maintenance and perform at their best.


ETS’s Managed DBA Service provides:

  1. Monitoring and Trending statistics.
  2. Regular application of patches, consistent with the recommendations of your application vendor.
  3. Management of SQL maintenance plans.
  4. Backup management and disaster recovery capabilities.

Break Fix Need?:


ETS has your back and the flexible business arrangements you need to get help right away.


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