Network & Systems Infrastructure

The Issue:

Network Infrastructure provides the backbone to your company’s technology capabilities. They carry all your data, internet traffic, give you access to cloud based applications, and ultimately connect you to your clients. Add mobile devices, phones, and ever increasing demand, and your network is now more important than ever. There are well established best practices to adhere to when designing and managing your network infrastructure and given its importance, it really deserves an appropriate amount of attention. There are lots of options out there, some better than others; so proceed with caution.


Mainstay Systems Infrastructure continues to provide many organizations with applications and systems that are essential to day to day operations. Providing these applications with a solid, reliable foundation is a must. Again there are very well established best practices that can guide you along the way, but there are also infinite possibilities as to the configuration of these platforms.


To use an analogy, if the network is the foundation of your house, the systems are the frame. If core infrastructure is not well designed, having issues, or not being well maintained, you are going to have a bad time!


The Solution:

ETS has the experience and expertise to help you with your next critical network and systems infrastructure project.


Our Consulting Methodology starts with listening, so contact an ETS Trusted Advisor today to discuss your situation and how we can help.


Why Choose ETS?

ETS is a Chicagoland based company that focuses on the business needs of our clients. ETS will help your business evaluate needs and implement a customized solution that fits your goals and objectives.


Here are a few more reasons you should choose ETS:

  • Focus on Innovative Solutions
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  • Drive Results & Growth Reduce Costs
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  • Streamline & Manage


  ETS focuses on the best solution for you and your organization. Therefore we are familiar with a variety of  technologies from some of today’s biggest and most innovative technology firms. Take a look here.