The Issue:

Physical servers have lots of inherent problems. Virtualizing is a great way to get more bang for your buck! Here are just a few common issues that virtualizing your servers might resolve:

  1. Save energy by drastically reducing your physical footprint of servers. Average consolidation ratios are nearly 10:1.
  2. Reduce the physical footprint of your environment. This reduces costs and also enables improved disaster recovery options.
  3. Provision new servers faster; need a new server in a virtualized environment? ...It’s just a few clicks away.
  4. QA/lab environment can be easily created to test the latest software.
  5. Improve flexibility with hardware vendors. Virtualization technologies separate the server’s operating system from the hardware, improving portability and flexibility for customers.
  6. Consolidation allows for increased uptime by enabling customers to use more redundant technologies via the smaller footprint.
  7. Improved recoverability and disaster recovery posture.
  8. Application isolation is a key benefit to virtualization, as the technology allows you to separate applications at the operating system level without having to deploy more hardware.
  9. Enables migration to cloud based services.

The Solution:

Virtualization allows multiple servers to run on a single virtualization platform. The technology allows an organization to drastically reduce the number of physical servers in an environment and consolidate them to fewer but more robust servers.


Virtualization technologies are now widely deployed. They serve as the foundation of computing power for various servers and applications. Because these systems run a large portion of your environment it is critical that they are stable, up to date and properly maintained.


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