Leasing & Financing

The Issue:

Technology is great, but can be very capital intensive. Often times the value of quickly implementing appropriate technology solutions can make huge sense over the long haul. Unfortunately not every organization can afford the upfront capital investment necessary to realize the gains that technology can afford. Have you ever considered financing options or lease options related to your technology purchases? 


The Solution:

Utilize the ETS finance option to enable your organization to quickly realize the benefits of newer technology. ETS offers customizable financing and lease programs backed by recognized providers to enable you to make a big investment in your business and technology.


Our Consulting Methodology starts with listening, so contact a Senior Consultant now to discuss your situation and how we can help.


Why Choose ETS?

ETS is a Chicagoland based company that focuses on the business needs of our clients. ETS will help your business evaluate needs and implement a customized solution that fits your goals and objectives.


Here are a few more reasons you should choose ETS:

  • Focus on Innovative Solutions
  • Work with the Best & Brightest
  • Get the Competitive Edge
  • Drive Results & Growth
  • Reduce Costs
  • Enable People through Technology
  • Streamline & Manage


  ETS focuses on the best solution for you and your organization. Therefore we are familiar with a variety of  technologies from some of today’s biggest and most innovative technology firms. Take a look here.