Strategic Technology Planning

Planning is critical to understanding and clarifying the role technology plays in supporting your overall business goals. Too often, solutions are patched together out of necessity or simply not aligned. To truly align technology with the business requires a deep understanding of your goals, associated business processes, and knowledge of a wide range of technology solutions to meet your needs.


The Issue:

Often times we get wrapped up in creating and implementing solutions as we go. The problem with this approach is that technology systems interrelate and live within a Lifecycle framework. For example, if you need more storage, a typical approach is to construct your requirements and go shopping. The problem with this approach is that your actual storage needs might depend on or be affected by a dozen other systems. Throw in cloud options and other initiatives, and you may miss an opportunity to make bigger strategic shifts that would greatly benefit overall technology delivery in your organization.


It can also be difficult to get buy-in from business members and others responsible for delivering technology solutions. This is a great concern, as there is a big need for the larger technology plan to fit into the overall strategic direction of the business. From a delivery standpoint, getting the whole team on the same page and being able to track to a common goal is critical.


A lack of planning also extends the time required to deliver solutions. Without a comprehensive plan, an organization must pause each time there is a need, design the solution, and then get to work.


The Solution:

Our Strategic Technology Plan offering helps our clients to understand and clarify the role technology plays in supporting your overall business goals. ETS brings to the table a unique "Listen" first consulting methodology. We utilize a process that enables us to get in deep with your business to understand objectives and set the design for the next year and beyond. The best run companies conduct this exercise on an annual basis.


Our Strategic Technology Plans are customized to include all elements of our Technology & Business Consulting practice.


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Why Choose ETS?

ETS is a Chicagoland based technology company that focuses on the business needs of our clients. ETS will help your business evaluate needs and implement a customized solution that fits your goals and objectives.


Here are a few more reasons you should choose ETS:

  • Focus on Innovative Solutions
  • Work with the Best & Brightest
  • Get the Competitive Edge
  • Drive Results & Growth
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  • Enable People through Technology
  • Streamline & Manage


  ETS focuses on the best solution for you and your organization. Therefore we are familiar with a variety of  technologies from some of today’s biggest and most innovative technology firms. Take a look here.